Welcome to By Eating Half …

This blog is about a father-daughter diet (George and Anna) . Our joint diet began after Anna had unsuccessfully tried dieting several times (starting at about age 14 — she wanted to be a jockey).

We have now lost a lot of weight. Our diet is ongoing, but we have both nearly reached out goals.

We have lost this weight in a sensible and healthy fashion. We are not using any formal diet program. There are no magic bullets here. But, as Anna’s failed diets show, how to diet sensibly is information that needs to be communicated, especially to teens.

We have created this blog to share with you EXACTLY what we have done to be successful. We hope that our discussion connects with some readers and helps them reach their weight goals. In the process, we hope that blogging about our diets will keep both of us motivated. We encourage comments and discussion. Maybe we can help you stay motivated too.

Since we are not using any formal diet program, we are not spending any extra money  buying delivered frozen food or anything else. Dieting does not have to cost any money beyond a few set-up items (like a scale).

The name of this website is based on a comment made by the comedian George Burns (who died in 1996).

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